Residents of Freedom elect Town Officers each year in March by secret ballot at the Town Office (Election Hall Annex) from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The following day the Annual Town Meeting takes place beginning at 10:00 AM at the Dirigo Grange in Freedom Village. Each Selectmen serves a three year term. The Board of Selectmen meets every other Monday at 6:00 PM. After the Annual Town Meeting, Selectmen appoint the Code Enforcement Officer, Plumbing Inspector, the Local Health Officer and the Animal Control Officer. They also appoint members to the Appeals Board, Budget Committee, Planning Board, and Recreation Committee. Fire protection is provided by Freedom's Volunteer Fire Department. The firehouse is located on Pleasant Street next to the Town Office.

2017 Selectmen Meeting Minutes

Ron Price
Term expires 2019

Steve Bennett
Term expires 2021

Brian Jones
Term expires 2019


Animal Control Officer

Road Commissioner

Regional Solid Waste

Monthly Recycler

Superintendent of Schools

Planning Board

Board of Appeals

Community Historical Society

Budget Committee

Recreation Committee

Cemetery Committee

Peter E. Nerber 505-0981
Peter A. Nerber 529-0948

Selectpersons share this Position and its responsibilities

to be determined

To be determined

Dr. Paul Austin, RSU 3, 84 School St. Unity 04988, 948-6136

Bill Pickford, Drew Fales, Prentice Grassi, Mary Ann Bennett, Sally Ann Hadiniak, Frances Walker

To be determined

Myrick Cross, Viola Greeley. Frances Walker, Paul Flynn, Kate Flynn, Mary Anne Adamson, Sally Ann Hadiniak, Glen Couturier

Town Clerk:
Registrar of Voters:
Tax/Excise Collector:

Cindy Abbott, 382-6177,


Erna Keller, 382-6177,

General Assistance

Brian Jones, Cindy Abbott

Code Enforcement Officer:
Plumbing Inspector:
Assessor - Buildings:

Jackie Robbins, 525-7706. 852-1840 (Cell)

Fire Chief/
Forest Fire Warden

James Waterman, 993-2602, Emergency 800-660-3398

Emergency Management Director:

Christine Spaulding 692-4309

School Board Representative:

Ellie Hess

Local Health Officer:

Frances Walker, 382-6267

Animal Control Officer:

Peter E. Nerber 505-0981
Peter A. Nerber 529-0948