Freedom code enforcement

Jackie Robbins, Code Enforcement Officer

For building projects - houses, mobile homes, decks, additions, sheds, barns, or any new structure - you must contact the Code Enforcement Officer to insure that your project meets with Town and State regulations and codes. Copies of Ordinances in effect in Freedom (such as the
Town Building Ordinance and the State Shoreland Zoning Ordinance) may be obtained here or at the Town Office.

You may need to have a permit (or permits) before you begin your project. Permits are also required are for plumbing, subdividing acreage, and (directly from the DOT) driveways on state maintained roads.

Fees: $15.00 for a shed, barn or garage, $25.00 for all additions, $30.00 for a house trailer or manufactured home, $40.00 for a house, $100.00 for a commercial building, $100.00 for a permit after the fact.

All building permits shall be void unless the work is substantially commenced within six (6) months of the date of issuance and substantially completed within two (2) years of the date of issuance. No changes or revisions of the original application shall be made in the process of completing the applied for and approved project.

You may download a copy of the Freedom Building Permit Application, but you must contact the Town Office as soon as possible to receive an application number.

525-7706 852-1840 (cell)