Cat House
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Known as “The Principal’s House” to seniors and graduates of Freedom Academy.

"This Day and Age": Last residents Marc Philbrook and Tom Odle and their tromp d'oell murals, lushly painted furniture, faux foods and fabulous events and gatherings.

"Farmstead": once the headquarters of at homesteading, back-to-the-land publication Farmstead Magazine, the counterculture employer to a slew of local residents.

And lastly, perhaps sadly, the “Cat House” for the lady owner of the three dozen or so felines. She lived there quietly for a while and then abandoned her life in Freedom, leaving the building to stand forlorn and empty until Tom and Mark purchased it from the town.

But after Tom died and Mark moved away, the building once full of vibrant colors and lively conversation again slid into shadow and silence.


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