Freedom MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE COLLECTION takes place every THURSDAY. One sticker is needed on each bag. Stickers may be obtained for $1.50 each at the Freedom Town Office or for $1.75 at Freedom General Store. Two rimless tires may be included for curbside pickup. (Obtain tire stickers - $2.00 for each tire - at the town office.)

Or goods can be brought to the
Unity Regional Recycling Center 96 Leonard Road in Thorndike.The Recycling Center also accepts textiles. Textiles will NOT be accepted curbside. Just like other recycling items, textiles must be CLEAN, DRY, ODORLESS, must be separate of any other recycling. ACCEPTED: See:

Changes to Recycling Proceedures and Policies in this area
Handy Chart indicating what goes where. (October 2019 Pdf Downloads)

SPRING CLEAN UP: White/Brown Goods collection takes place one day a year and materials are picked up curbside. Acceptable items may vary year to year but usually include large and small appliances, furniture, mattresses and box springs, rimless tires, and some scrap metal. A notice from the Town Office is sent to residents each year describing procedures and items acceptable for collection.

Phil Bloomstein is Freedom's representative on the Unity Area Regional Solid Waste Committee. He will be keeping up the Facebook Page (Green Freedom) started by Tammy McTaggart to keep town residents informed of Freedom's progress and policies regarding its waste management and recyclying efforts.

For more information about Freedom's trash collection and recycling pickup, call the Town Office at 382-6177. If you have a questionable item for recycling, or just need some guidance, do not hesitate to contact Phil or the Unity Regional Recycling Center at 568-3117

Last issued Recycling Brochure and Tips from the Recycling Center (2013). For the most up-to-date information, please go to the Unity Regional Recycling Center website.